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AHA Clarifier

AHA Clarifier

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A highly concentrated 12% unbuffered glycolic acid gel provides an effective micro-peel. 

Key Benefits

Very effective at exfoliating dead skin build up in clogged pores to help clear acne. Ideal as a step-up product for those who have a history of glycolic/AHA use and no history of sensitive red skin or allergies.  

Key Ingredients

12% Glycolic Acid: To lessen dead skin buildup and dislodge skin from pores. This also helps to help remove dull skin from surface, revealing the underlying healthy skin. Gives skin a vibrant glow and luminosity.
Kola Extract, Matte Extract, Guarana Extract: Anti-inflammatory herbal extracts to minimize irritation for this 12% glycolic acid product.

How to Use

This is a strong exfoliator. Apply a dime-sized drop to fingertips and spread evenly onto face. For first two weeks, rinse off after 10-20 minutes. After two weeks, do not rinse off if tolerated. Use once or twice daily. Always apply in front of a well lit mirror.

Never apply to red, irritated or peeling skin. Apply SPF 15 sunblock or greater when using product.